Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NPR Interview, June 2010

Attached you find a link to my recent interview with The Story.
Looking forward to your comments.


Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Hi Bernd, I found your Florida Doc Blog a prize amongst the lovely couples and cute babies and then I followed the links to this. I find your story amazing and fascinating. On a much lesser scale I was raised as mildly anti-semitic, is that possible you either are or not I guess. I never understood why Jews were so pernicious, much, much later in life I discovered I was probaly one eigth Jewish, but on my father's side, a terribly well kept secret; as one of my Jewish friends said "oh yes Good enough for Hitler but not quite good enough for us, dear!".

I totally applaud the matriarchal line being the only trustable proof of parentage, prior to use of DNA anyway.

I live in Canada and happily enjoy a public health system which while far from perfect , is excellent.
I was diagnosed with scleroderma(that's the Leather Woman ref. in my blog) and without a public system would probably be broke by now. I am going to follow your sites.


Rabbi Seinfeld said...

Just watched your youtube interview. Yashar Koach and good luck to you.