Monday, April 30, 2007

Radio Interview

Had a one-hour interview about my book on WLRN, a NPR affiliate in South Florida.
For a complete audio file of the interview on WLRN - TOPICAL CURRENTS please log-on to

Monday, April 30th at 1 pm

Topical Currents is with Miami’s Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, author of A German Life. Born in mid-1950s Germany, he discovered his father was a decorated Nazi war hero who had kept the past hidden from his children. Dismayed by the legacy of the Holocaust, the son rebelled, converted to Judaism, and even emigrated to Israel. The rift between family and faith never healed.

Book Publication

The book manuscript has undergone its 5th revision and I gently reshape the chapters with the assistance and support of two professional book editors.
I schedule the book release in mid or end June. The initial edition will be self-published, but I continue exploring the feasibility of entering into an agreement with a large publishing house. I will also initiate a German and Hebrew translation.
Will keep you posted on this blog about any new developments.